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NCUR Abstract Reviewers Wanted

Thank you for your interest in being an abstract reviewer for NCUR 2023. All faculty, staff, administrators, and graduate students who have expertise in one or more of the abstract categories are encouraged to help review.

Each abstract is 300 words or fewer. We aim to limit the number of abstracts per reviewer to 10 or fewer when possible. We estimate that an average reviewer should be able to complete 10 reviews within 45-50 minutes. Your help and expertise are essential for making this a successful conference.

For those interested in reviewing, please fill out the NCUR Reviewer Signup form.

Once you have completed the NCUR Reviewer Signup form you will receive a confirmation email letting you know your application has been successfully submitted. Your application will be reviewed, and upon acceptance you will receive notification that you have been approved as a reviewer. Further instructions as well as the subjects you will be assigned to review will be sent to you as we get further into the review process.

If you should have any questions about the review process, please contact NCUR2023@uwec.edu with your questions.

Thank you,

The NCUR 2023 Abstract Review Committee