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Future Fair Rules & Regulations

The rules and regulations contained herein are part of all the Future Fair booth purchases. CUR reserves the right to enforce these rules and regulations, as well as to make final decisions on all points covered or not covered in these rules and regulations. CUR reserves the right to decline or remove any institution/company that, in its judgment, is not suitable or not keeping with the character of the Future Fair. At its discretion, CUR may accept or reject any application for the virtual Future Fair booth space. CUR shall have full authority to interpret or amend these rules, and its decision is final.

Show Management

Physical Mailing Address:
Council on Undergraduate Research
267 Kentlands Blvd #4201
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Lockbox Address for
Check Payments: 
Council on Undergraduate Research
PO Box 745993
Atlanta, GA 30374-5993


Overnight Mail ONLY:
Bank of America Lockbox Services
Lockbox 745993
600 Feldwood Rd
College Park, GA 30349


Data and Photo Use + Code of Conduct
Those purchasing agree to adhere to the CUR Event's Policies and Procedures, including the Data and Photo Use Policy. 

CUR and NCUR Logos

The CUR and NCUR logos are the property of CUR and may not be used without the permission of Show Management.

Payment Terms
To receive the early-bird registration rate, payment and registration must be received by January 31, 2024. To receive the regular registration rate, payment must be received by March 1, 2024. Failure to submit payment will result in the cancellation of your booth slot.

Cancellation Policy
CUR will honor cancellation requests and provide a refund, less a $50 processing fee, for all requests submitted in writing no later than March 1, 2024. No refunds will be permitted after March 1. Please submit cancellation requests in writing to NCUR@CUR.org.

No-Show Policy
An institution/company will be considered a no-show if its booth space is not prepared for viewing on the show days selected. The institution/company shall be deemed to have cancelled and will forfeit their booth space. The booth space may be assigned to another institution/company or be used by Show Management. CUR will not provide a refund to the institution/company. The institution/company will be responsible for all expenses from the decorator and convention center. 

Staffing and Use of Space
Booths should be “staffed” during specified future fair-only hours so participants can engage with institution/company representatives. All activities must be confined to the limits of the allocated booth and must not interfere with the activity of other institutions/companies participating in the grad fair. The booth package includes two full access event passes for booth staff. 


Any institution/company having a contest or drawing of any kind must follow all governmental laws, ordinances, rules and regulations. It is the institution/company’s responsibility to make sure they correctly follow all rules and regulations. Any violations will be the sole expense and fault of the institution/company. CUR is not responsible or liable for any contests, drawings or giveaways held prior, during or after the meeting.

Subletting of Space
CUR strictly prohibits the sharing or “co-opting” of Future Fair space unless institutions/companies share the same parent institution/company, or one institution/company is the subsidiary of the other. Request must be submitted to CUR for approval prior to conference and proof is required. Institution/company shall not assign, sublet, or share any space allocated to them nor advertise or display goods other than those manufactured or sold by them in the regular course of their business. Space assigned to the institution/company is for their exclusive use.

CUR considers the practice of Suitcasing and/or Outboarding to be unethical business conduct and strictly prohibits both practices. Suitcasing refers to the practice of companies or persons who attend shows as attendees but “work the aisles” from their suitcase (briefcase), soliciting business from other participants. Outboarding refers to non-supporting companies who set events separate from the event platform and encourage attendees to leave the event platform and spend time with them. For the good of the event, the only legitimate place to conduct business during show hours is within the exhibit hall. There is to be no sales messaging by non-participating institutions within chat functions of the NCUR. All violations will be directed to Show Management for penalties and sanctions against the violating company. Participating institutions/companies are encouraged to protect their investment and report any violations immediately to Show Management.

Enforcement of Rules and Regulations
Any institution/company found in violation of these rules and regulations may be subject to any or all the following remedies at the sole discretion of Show Management.

  • Access to the event and/or booth are deactivated.
  • The booth is forfeited and removed for the remainder of the show or until the situation is remedied.
  • Exclusion from participating in future CUR events.
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