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Gallery Sessions

Haas Fine Arts Center | Room 162 (Foster Art Gallery)

Thursday, April 13, 2023 | 10:30 a.m.-5 p.m. 
Friday, April 14, 2023 | 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Saturday, April 15, 2023 | 8:30 a.m-4:30 p.m.

Gallery Sessions will be open during the duration of the conference, allowing conference attendees to drop in between sessions. The purpose of the gallery is to share your creative research with an audience in a visual format. Students whose abstracts are accepted for the gallery show will follow these procedures for preparing, sending, and retrieving their work. A reception for these works will be held on Thursday, April 13 from 6-7:30pm.

Delivery Deadline: Accepted work must arrive at the Foster Gallery between Monday, March 13 and Tuesday, March 21, 2023.
Installation Dates: March 26-30, 2023
Exhibition Dates: March 31-April 19, 2023
Deinstall Dates: April 20-April 25, 2023, Artwork will be shipped to the address provided.

Shipping Information:
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Foster Gallery, c/o Amanda Bulger
105 Garfield Ave.
Eau Claire, WI 54701
Phone: (715) 836-5032

Professional Courtesy  

NCUR offers an opportunity for participants to observe, learn, and practice professional etiquette common to all disciplines. Presenters should view other works in the gallery. The other presentations may offer new insights, and all presenters deserve the same audience and respect. Spectators are expected to adhere to customary gallery ettiquette, avoiding touching or photographing installations unless invited.


Gallery Guidelines


  • Dimension Limitations: 2-D work cannot exceed 96 inches (8 feet) in height and 48 inches (4 feet) in length. For Sculpture and other 3-D pieces, work cannot exceed 48 inches (4 feet) x 48 inches (4 feet) floor space.
  • Identification tags or labels must be typed and well-attached to each piece with the following information: presenter’s name, address, phone number, email address, title, date, and medium of the artwork.
  • Work Material Limitations and Batteries: We reserve the right to remove items that could cause potential harm.

2-D Work: All works must be gallery-ready with hardware that supports the weight of the work. If special hardware is needed to hang the work, the artist must send that hardware with the piece and instructions for installation.

  • Oil and acrylic paintings on canvas must be mounted on stretcher bars and framed when possible. Plexiglass is highly recommended when framing Drawings, photographs, prints, or other works in frames.
  • If work is oversized and cannot be framed (works OVER 50” x 50” or 2500 square inches), work can be hung by alternative means (for example, magnets or on a scroll). The hardware for hanging (beyond normal screws and nails) must be supplied by the artist with detailed installation instructions. Work sent that is not framed and without any hardware and instructions will not be exhibited to assure the safety of the work.
  • If you have any questions about framing and hanging 2-D works, please contact the Gallery Director, Amanda Bulger, at bulgeraj@uwec.edu

Sculpture, jewelry, and all other 3-D:

  • Sculptural works will be secured with museum gel if needed.
  • If 3-D works need to be assembled, clearly typed instructions must be provided upon receipt of the work.
  • If installation/hanging hardware is considered unsafe for public display, or the artwork is not ready for public display (such as not having proper hardware or arrives damaged, scratched or dirty) the artwork will not be included in the exhibition.

Deadlines and packing:

  • Artwork must be shipped or hand-delivered by the artist and arrive between Monday, March 13th – Tuesday, March 21st, 2023
  • If you plan to hand-deliver work, you must contact the Gallery Director by email (bulgeraj@uwec.edu) by noon on Monday, March 2nd to schedule the transfer of the work and any help needed to unload the work.
  • Presenters are responsible for the packing and shipment/delivery of their artwork to NCUR 2023, and any associated costs.
  • Recommending shipping carriers: FedEx or UPS
  • All works must contain a prepaid label for return shipment, an account number to bill for shipping, or postage for return shipping.
  • Work accepted in the visual arts must be shipped in a reusable container with packing materials that are reusable for returning work.
  • Once the work is sent, please send an email to the Gallery Director (BULGERAJ@uwec.edu) with your name and tracking number(s). You may not receive an email confirmation from the gallery once the work has arrived as it is expected you will track the shipment online.

Unpacking and Displaying Artwork:

  • The UWEC Foster Gallery director, gallery interns, and hired student installers will be responsible for the curation and installation of artwork.
  • All accepted artwork must remain on display until 4:30 pm on April 19th.
  • Return Shipping:

  • Presenters are responsible for all associated costs for return shipping.
  • All works must contain a prepaid label for shipment, an account number to bill for shipping, or postage for return shipping. Work must be shipped through the same agent for both delivery to and return from UWEC.
  • If special arrangements need to be made for returning the work, please contact the Gallery Director before shipping the work to UWEC.

Handling Audience Questions 

  • Give positive reinforcement to questioners (smiling, nodding, “that’s a good question”). 

  • Avoid long, meandering answers. 

  • Don’t make something up if you don’t know the answer. Offer to look it up and get back to the person, and be open to someone in the audience knowing the answer. 

  • If someone is attacking you or otherwise being rude, remember that this usually comes from someone who wants to show off or appear smart in front of everyone 

    • The other audience members will recognize the rudeness and be on your side! 
    • Stay calm, answer as best you can, and acknowledge it when he/she makes a good point (smiling and nodding can disarm an attacker).