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Students presenting posters on the main fair floor

Frequently Asked Questions

About Eau Claire

Eau Claire in April typically experiences highs from 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Low temperatures are typically in the 20s. Precipitation varies between rain and snow, although snowfall does not typically accumulate. The campus can be breezy, particularly near the river. Visitors from the west are usually most surprised by Wisconsin’s humidity. Relative humidity tends to vary between 50-60%.

Pack for two seasons, with a jacket that will keep you warm in snowfall and 30 degrees, and warm shoes, but also bring something for sunny spring days.

Our local weather stations include WEAU 13 News and WQOW 18 News. 

Our University Police work closely with the community to help maintain a safe campus in support of the university’s educational mission. The vision of our University Police is to continuously improve their service, law enforcement performance, and problem-solving abilities to meet the challenges and opportunities of changing community needs. Our police department is a full-service, 24-hour agency located on campus. Police actively patrol with marked police vehicles, supported by bicycle and foot patrol officers when possible.

Contact Us
Phone: 715-836-4636, option 4
Email: ncur2023@uwec.edu

Normal Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Special Break Hours
Winter Break
Jan. 3-27 | 9 a.m.-3 p.m. (closed Jan. 16)

Spring Break
March 20-24 | 9 a.m.-3 p.m.


Question: When is NCUR 2023?
Answer: NCUR 2023 will be held on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, on April 13-15, 2023 with pre-conferences offered on April 12, 2023.

Question: When will the submission portal open for NCUR 2023?
Answer: The submission portal will open on Oct. 3, 2022 and remain open until Dec 7. 2022.

Scheduling and Sessions

Question: Can I request a specific presentation date and time?
Answer: We are not able to accommodate requests for specific presentation dates or times. We do encourage participants to attend the entire conference as it is an excellent opportunity to see, hear, and support fellow researchers and their presentations. Also, there are a number of special events planned throughout the conference. We hope you’ll want to participate and enjoy these added experiences.

When registering for the conference, please understand that your presentation may be scheduled for any day and time between 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, April 13, 2023 and 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 15, 2023

Question: What are the mentor's responsibilities? Do they need to apply, as well? Are they required to pay a fee even if they aren't going with the applicant?
Answer: The mentor does not need to go to NCUR with the student. However, if the mentor attends NCUR they will need to register for the conference.

Question: How do I make sure I don't miss the opening and closing ceremonies?
Answer: The Opening Plenary (Thursday at 8:30 a.m., Distributed Speakers (Friday at 11 a.m.), Keynote Speaker (Friday at 4:30 p.m.) and the Closing Plenary (Saturday at 9 a.m.) will be streamed to overflow rooms should the main venues fill up. Show up early for the best seats!

NCUR Account Creation/Log In

Question: How do I create an NCUR 2023 account?​
Answer: Click “NCUR 2023 Submission Portal” in the main menu on this page and follow the on-screen steps to create an NCUR 2023 account.

Question: How can I receive emails about NCUR 2023?
Answer: Once you have created an NCUR 2023 account, your email address will be automatically added to the mailing list for the conference. You can create an account even if you aren't sure yet whether you will submit an abstract.

Question: I'm not receiving e-mails from NCUR 2023. What should I do?
Answer: Please add ncur2023@uwec.edu to your contact list to avoid missing important emails from NCUR about your abstract and your submission status. You will be notified by e-mail confirming the submission of your abstract, and you will receive notification of your abstract submission status in early March 2023. If you do not receive either of those notifications, be sure to check your email account's SPAM folder. It is also possible that you misspelled your email when you submitted your abstract, which means you will not receive any emails in return. You can log back into the system and check the status of your abstract. Email ncur2023@uwec.edu with questions or corrections to your email address.

Eligibility to Submit/Present at NCUR 2023

Question: If I am a high school student enrolled in a dual-enrollment program am I eligible to participate in NCUR 2023?
Answer: Yes, provided you have completed the research.

Question: If I am graduating in December 2022 am I eligible to participate?
Answer: Yes, as long as the research was performed while you were an undergraduate. However, you may want to check with your institution as they may not be able to pay the registration fee for a student who has already graduated. You may register on your own; institutional payment is not required.

Question: May I submit an abstract if I am no longer a college student?
Answer: Yes, if the research was done while you were an undergraduate student. However, you may want to check with your institution as they may not be able to pay the registration fee for a student who has already graduated. You may register on your own; institutional payment is not required. 

Question: If I am an international student am I eligible to participate in this event?
Answer: Yes, international students are eligible and encouraged to apply for NCUR.

Abstract Submission/Revision/Withdrawal

Question: Does my project need to be completed before I submit an abstract or present it?
Answer: Projects do not have to be completed at the time of submission. If your project isn't complete prior to the abstract submission deadline, you can use phrases such as "I anticipate that the results will be...". Please summarize what you have done so far, and what you hope to finish by the time of the conference.

Question: Can I submit already published or formerly presented work?
Answer: Yes, NCUR allows students to submit previously published or previously presented work during abstract submission.

Question: How do you select abstracts?
Answer: Abstracts are reviewed for general adherence to disciplinary standards.

Question: Can I present research at NCUR 2023 that was recently presented at a state or local conference?
Answer: You can present material at NCUR 2023 that was presented elsewhere.

Question:  I am not sure what to choose for my field of study. Can you help?
Answer: Please read the entire list of fields before choosing the most appropriate for your research. For example, in addition to general engineering, there are numerous specific disciplines of engineering included throughout the list that you should use if applicable. If concerns remain, we suggest you discuss the appropriate field with your mentor(s).

Question: Is there a format for abstract submissions? Is there a length restriction?
Answer: Yes. Abstracts must be limited to 300 words. Complete instructions and formatting information are provided on the abstract submission page.

Question: May I attach a table and graph to my abstract?
Answer: No. You should only include text in the abstract. The abstract can summarize the table and graph, but only text may be submitted.

Question: May I include a reference page in my abstract? If so, will that be counted in the word requirement?
Answer: You may leave the references out of the abstract to save space. These can be included in the formal poster.

Question: May I mail or fax my abstract?
Answer: No. All abstracts must be submitted using the abstract submission page. If your abstract contains special characters that cannot be typed into the form, you may include a link to a Web version of your abstract.

Question: The research I wish to present was done over the summer at an independent research laboratory and is not one of the institutions listed. How should I submit my abstract?
Answer: List the school you are enrolled in as your institution. You should mention the host facility in your abstract and presentation.

Question: My research mentor is an MD/Ph.D. student completing doctoral research. Does this person qualify as my faculty mentor? Or should I list the name of the faculty member who runs the lab I work in?
Answer: The faculty member who runs the lab, not an MD/Ph.D. student, should be listed as the mentor.

Question: Is there a completion date requirement for a poster submission?
Answer: The project does not have to be completed at the time of submission of the abstract.

Question: Can I present a paper in Spanish from a course on Spanish or Latin American literature?
Answer: Yes. A presentation can be given in Spanish, but the abstract should be written in English. Please indicate in your abstract that the talk will be given in Spanish so attendees will know.

Question: Should I write my abstract for nonscientists or for scientists in my field? In other words, should I assume that the reviewer is familiar with relevant terminology?
Answer: Your abstract will be reviewed by faculty with expertise in your field. After your abstract has been accepted you should consider planning your presentation to be understood by audience members who don’t have the same depth of knowledge. They may be genuinely interested in your research but not have the same background.

Question: Can I revise my abstract once it is submitted?
Answer: No. Depending on the outcome of the review process, you may be asked to revise after the review. That information will be shared upon abstract decision notification.

Question: I submitted my abstract without consulting my faculty mentor or research coordinator in advance. Can my abstract be withdrawn? Once I have their approval, will I be able to resubmit before the deadline?
Answer: You may withdraw your abstract at any time. There will be a menu option to do so upon logging into the submission portal. You may submit a new abstract provided you do so before the posted deadline.

Question: Are students who attend two-year colleges allowed to present at NCUR 2023?
Answer: Absolutely, we highly encourage students who attend two-year colleges to apply for NCUR.

Question: Can there be more than one submission per university or college?
Answer: Yes. Most universities or colleges send multiple students to NCUR each year.

Question: Is a faculty letter of recommendation required to be considered for NCUR?
Answer: No. It is assumed that when the faculty mentor’s contact information is provided that they approve of the submission. When the abstract is submitted, the faculty mentor will receive an e-mail indicating the submission.

Question: How selective is NCUR? I would like to know the approximate percentage of abstracts accepted in recent years to help demonstrate the high quality of work presented at NCUR to administrators at my university.
Answer: Typically 80-90% of the abstracts submitted are accepted each year.

Question: Once my abstract is accepted, is there a deadline for withdrawing my abstract prior to the conference?
Answer: There is no formal deadline for withdrawing your abstract. If you plan to withdraw, please let us know as soon as you can so we can make adjustments to the schedule. Please email ncur2023@uwec.edu with your request to withdraw your abstract.

Question: Do faculty members/advisors have to accompany student presenters to the conference?
Answer: No. Students usually travel as part of a group from a school. Let us know if you're coming on your own. We can help connect you with another school's group if you wish.

Presentation Format Guidelines

Question: What are the Presentation Format Guidelines?
Answer: Descriptions of available presentation formats can be found on the Program Format Descriptions page.

Question: Will there be any form of poster session judging and/or awards given out to participants who excel in their given session?
Answer: No, awards are not given out at NCUR.

Question: My research outcome and focus changed from my original abstract and now they are no longer in line. Is it possible to submit a new, updated abstract?
Answer: If you wish to create a new submission you will need to withdraw your original submission and re-submit your new abstract prior to the posted submission deadline. You will have a menu option to withdraw upon logging into the submission system. If the deadline has passed, you can explain the differences in outcome and focus on your presentation or poster.

Question: Is there a specific template we should use for the posters at NCUR?
Answer: You can use any template you want. It must meet the size requirements posted on the NCUR 2023 Program Format Descriptions page. Consult with your school's Undergraduate Research Coordinator and your Faculty Mentor.

Question: May I give both an oral and poster presentation?
Answer: You may if it is on different data or results. Typically the same results are not presented twice at the same conference.

Question: If I am giving an Oral Presentation, is a PowerPoint mandatory? And is it OK if I go under the 15 minutes time allotted before opening it up for questions?
Answer: No, you do not have to use PowerPoint. The 15 minutes is the maximum time; you can certainly take less time.

Question: Should a student presenting visual artwork in the Foster Gallery prepare a 15-minute oral presentation? Are visual arts students given a specific time and day presentation slot?
Answer: Students presenting in the Foster Gallery (visual arts) will not be assigned a specific time slot and are not expected to prepare a talk. These students should attend the Gallery Reception on Thursday, April 13 from 5:30-7:30 pm where they can discuss their work with conference participants.

Question: How will NCUR 2023 manage the acceptance and return of mailed-in artwork?
Answer: Guidelines for preparing, shipping and arranging for return shipping can be found under "Gallery Submission Guidelines" on the Program Format Descriptions page.

Question: For students presenting posters, can they mail them in advance rather than trying to take them on a plane? 
Answer: We do not have space to store posters, but you could check to see if you can mail the posters to your hotel.

Question: What, if any, is the dress code for student presenters?
Answer: There is no dress code, but good advice would be to dress casually and professionally. You do not need to be as formal as wearing a suit and tie or dress. But sweats or torn jeans would likely distract from your presentation. Also, a tip to the wise: Wear sensible shoes and check the local weather.

Question: May faculty advisors and mentors present with their student advisees at NCUR 2023?
Answer: No. NCUR is a presentation opportunity for undergraduate research students only. The only avenue for faculty presentation at NCUR is through the Faculty Administrator Network (FAN) sessions. Faculty wishing to present to their peers at NCUR 2023 may submit a separate abstract of their planned presentation. Go to the Abstract Submission Overview for information about FAN session types and to submit your FAN abstract.


Question: What will be the registration fees for NCUR 2023?
Answer: Registration fees are tied to institutional CUR membership. See the Conference Fees table for additional information.

Question: What do the different abbreviations stand for when registering for the conference?
Answer: The abbreviations are used as a shorthand for the different types of registrations. Each abbreviation correlates with a different type of CUR membership. For details on the different abbreviations and what they mean, please expand the Registration Types / Abbreviations accordion below.

Registration Types / Abbreviations

Student Registration Types:

  • CUR Enhanced Institution Member (CUR EIM-Student)
  • CUR Institution Member (CUR IsM-Student)
  • CUR Non-Institution Member (CUR NM-Student)

Faculty / Staff Registration Types:

  • CUR Enhanced Institution Member (CUR EIM-Fac/Sta)
  • CUR Institution Member (CUR IsM-Fac/Sta)
  • CUR Individual Member (CUR InM-Fac/Sta)
  • CUR Non-Institution Member (CUR-NM-Fac/Sta)

Question: What does registration include?
Answer: Registration fees include participation in all days of the conference (sessions/plenaries/activities) and breakfast and lunch on April 13-15, 2022. Not included in the registration fees are dinners, incidental expenses, hotel costs, or excursion costs.

Question: Can I mail or fax in the conference registration form?
Answer: No. Registration will only be processed through our website.

Question: What is the deadline to register?
Answer:  Early registration will be available from Jan. 2-31, 2023. Regular registration opens Feb. 1-28, 2023. Conference registration fees may be paid using a credit card, or check.

Question: What is the deadline to pay for registration?
Answer:  You must register and pay the registration fee by the deadline of March 13, 2023, in order to be included in the conference.

Question: If I am a co-presenter and someone else has submitted the abstract, do I still need to register for NCUR?
Answer: Yes. All presenters and co-presenters must register for NCUR 2023 to be eligible to attend and present.

Question: If we fail to register and pay before March 13, 2023, then are we automatically out of the conference?
Answer: Even if your abstract has been accepted, you will not be issued a registration badge or put into the program until registration is complete by March 13, 2023 and payment has been accepted. You must register and pay the registration fee by the deadline of March 13, 2023 in order to be included in the conference. We are not able to accept late registration payments.

Question: How can we notify NCUR if we are unable to come?
Answer: If you cannot attend, please contact us as soon as possible at ncur2023@uwec.edu

Question: Is there any requirement that the student, the adviser, or the college be a member of CUR in order for the student to present at NCUR?
Answer: No, there is not a CUR membership requirement for anyone on the abstract to submit or attend NCUR. However, registration fees vary based on the membership level of the institution or individual. Registration and payment is required in order to be eligible to present and gain access to the event mobile app.

Question: Are faculty mentors required to register for NCUR 2023?
Answer: Faculty mentors who wish to participate in NCUR 2023 will need to register. Please see the fee table for more information.

Question: What are the cancellation policies for the conference?
Answer: Cancellation requests must be provided in writing. Cancellation requests submitted in writing by individuals prior to the end of the day on March 13, 2023 are eligible for a refund, less a $50 processing fee. Refunds will not be given for cancellation requests submitted after March 13, 2023. Written cancellation requests must be submitted to ncur2023@uwec.edu.

Question: May I mail or fax the conference registration form?
Answer: No, you will need to register using the online registration portal on this website. However, payment can be sent via check to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire at:

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire | University Centers
Attn: NCUR Registration
77 Roosevelt Ave.
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Make checks payable to UWEC and please indicate NCUR in the "for" line. 

Question: If we fail to register and pay by the deadline, then are we automatically out of the conference?
Answer: Yes. You must register and pay the registration fee by the deadline in order to be included in the conference. We are not able to accept late registration payments and will not have onsite registration.

Question: What payments are accepted for registration?
Answer: Accepted forms of payment for registration are credit card (via VISA, Mastercard, and Discover) or check. If your institution will be paying for your registration fee and you provided the Coupon Code at the time of registration, payment must be received in full by the posted deadline. If payment is not received by March 13, 2023, you will be removed from the conference program. Make checks payable to UWEC and please indicate NCUR in the "for" line. 

Question: Are Purchase Orders (POs) accepted for NCUR 2023 registrations?
Answer: We are unable to accept purchase orders for NCUR 2023 registration payments. We will issue a standard invoice for all registrations submitted by individuals who used the coupon code at the time of registration, and payment must be remitted in the form of check or credit card by March 13, 2023. Registrants for whom payment is not received by this deadline will be removed from the conference program and will not receive access to the event mobile app.

Question:  Will I be issued a registration badge?
Answer: Registration badges will be issued for all participants who have registered by Feb. 28, 2023 and paid by March 13, 2023.  Badges are needed for admittance into Conference shuttles\Conference meals/student sessions/FAN sessions/special sessions/plenary speakers.

Question:  Where can I get my registration badge?
Answer:  Participants may pick up their registration badges at two conference check-in times.

  • Wednesday, April 12, 2023 | 4:30-7:00 p.m. | Pablo Center at the Confluence | 128 Graham Street Eau Claire
    Parking can be found at the North Barstow Parking Ramp | 370 Galloway St. Eau Claire WI | Map
  • Thursday, April 13, 2023 | 7-9 a.m. | Centennial Hall 1st Floor

*Conference Hotels with shuttles will offer transportation to the Pablo Center and back to the conference hotels. 

Question:  What if I lose my registration badge?
Answer:  Since your registration badge is needed for all aspects of the conference, we recommend you do not lose your badge. Lost badges can be replaced for a fee of $5 at UWEC Printing Services located in Schofield Hall, Room 18 (Lower Level).  

UWEC Printing Services Conference Hours 

  • Thursday, April 13, 2023 | 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • Friday, April 14, 2023 | 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, April 15, 2023 | 7:30-9:30 a.m.

Lodging, Transportation, and Meals

Question: What hotels are available in the Eau Claire area?
Answer:  You can see hotel options and information on making reservations on the Hotel Information page.

Question: Will there be a shuttle service from our hotel?
Answer: Shuttle service will be provided to and from select conference hotels to campus, as well as to downtown for students who wish to join UW-Eau Claire at the Crossing the Bridge event on Friday evening.

Question: Are meals provided at the conference?
Answer: The conference registration fee includes breakfast and lunch on campus on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. (Your hotel may also have breakfast.) Dinner will be on your own. Additional dining accommodations and meal details will be available closer to the conference.

Invoicing Information for Campus Coordinators

Question: What is an NCUR Campus Coordinator?
Answer: An NCUR Coordinator is a faculty advisor or institutional contact in charge of collecting and paying invoices (or being the point of contact to collect payment) for student registrations for NCUR. This person is normally your campus’ research office director or undergraduate research program director. In the absence of such an individual, it may be a faculty member who has been designated with the task of overseeing a cohort of students attending NCUR. If there is not a designated cohort of students, this may simply be the faculty mentor

Question: I am receiving information about being a coordinator and am no longer one or do I need to add an additional coordinator? How can I change this?
Answer: If you believe another individual from your institution should be listed as the NCUR coordinator (or as an additional NCUR coordinator) please email NCUR2023@uwec.edu as soon as possible to let us know. Further email communications about invoicing and payment are dependent upon us having the correct person listed.

Question: How do I access a Coordinator Report?
Answer: New for NCUR 2023 we have developed a reporting structure that allows Campus coordinators to access a listing of their students and their abstract's status as they progress through the submission process from inception, update, review, and approval or rejection. Campus Coordinators should email NCUR2023@uwec.edu to set up this report access.

Question: What is the registration/invoicing timeline?
Answer: Students who have been accepted to present at NCUR 2023 have been instructed that they need to register for the conference. They are aware that if their institution will be paying for their registration that they are to use the coupon code given to them by their campus coordinator upon registering. The registration rate due will be dependent upon when a student registers.

  • Jan. 31, 2023: Early-bird rate deadline
  • Feb. 5, 2023: Last day the coupon code will be available as payment. After this date, all registrations must be paid via credit card.
  • Feb. 8, 2023: All invoices will be issued to institutions for payment
  • Feb. 28, 2023: Last day to register online with a credit card, and all check payments for invoices must be received.

Question: What happens if our institution does not pay by March 13, 2023?
Answer: A submitted registration form with no corresponding payment after March 13, 2023, is not considered a complete registration and will result in the registrant(s) being dropped from the conference.

Question: Can I request an invoice prior to Feb. 8, 2023?
Answer: Yes. We will send specific instructions and options for invoice payment when we issue the invoice on Feb. 8, 2023. If you’d like an invoice sooner or would like to pay for a group of registrants before February please let us know. We can issue you an invoice whenever you are ready. Alternatively, you can generate an invoice online on the Coordinators Report by selecting the individual students for whom you’d like to pay and click “Generate Invoice”. Please note this only works when students have already registered. If no registration can be found for a particular student, they will need to log into their account and register before you can generate an invoice or pay for their registration.

Question: Are there any pre-conferences or does everything begin on April 13, 2023?
Answer: There are pre-conferences on April 12. WiSys Quick Pitch Competition and Mayo Clinic Health System’s SDoH Challenge are open to all NCUR student participants. Both of these pre-conference are free and offer cash prizes, but require pre-registration. Both also have limited acceptance. Look at the Pre-Conference Events tab for more details.

Question: I’ve never been to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Will I have an opportunity to explore the area while I attend the conference?
Answer: UWEC invites NCUR participants to come to downtown Eau Claire on Friday night for Crossing the Bridge: The Music, Art and Culture of Eau Claire. Check out the Other Events tab for information on excursions and other opportunities.

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